About Mikvah USA

Mikvah USA is presently helping over 20 communities build much needed Mikvaos. We are a dynamic not-for-profit whose mission is to make attractive welcoming mikvaos available for Jewish women everywhere.
Mikvah USA partners with communities helping them build mikvaos with financial grants and extensive guidance. We fund between 30% and 50% of a mikvah's cost with the community raising the difference.
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Mikvah USA has completed 51 projects, making taharah a way of life over 40,000 times

Current Project: Richmond, VA

Kiruv is a big focus in Richmond with three Rabbanim and their wives who reach out to unaffiliated Jews and bring them closer to Hashem. The community is vibrant with a 30% increase in shul membership over 4 years. But the local mikvah is old and simply unattractive. Something needs to be done! So the community is building a new beautiful mikvah. The mikvah will cost almost $400,000 - far too much for the sixty frum families to manage on their own. We need to help. We want to raise $60,000 and complete the mikvah by May, 2016. Let's make this happen, your donations will directly make it possible for women to keep taharas hamishpocha.
Miriam Turk

My First Project: Berkeley, CA

In 2014 my family spearheaded a mikvah renovation in memory of my grandmother, Elizabeth Reinhard AH. The mikvah is in Berkeley, CA. The opening event was incredible. Four hundred Jewish women of all backgrounds attended. Soon after opening, eleven women began to keep taharas hamishpocha. By now the mikvah has been used 958 times! This project brought and continues to bring tremendous satisfaction to me, through this mikvah I now have a share in this most beautiful mitzvah that was given especially to women.
My first Project
Because of this mikvah 79 women have begun to keep taharas hamishpacha
We have big dreams and together we can accomplish

Future Project

Once Richmond's mikvah completes we will b'ezras Hashem work on building another mikvah. Mikvah USA has over twenty active projects with new applications being submitted all of the time. And if you know of a community that needs a mikvah please do tell us about it!