Dear Friend,

Some time ago I was privileged to help complete a mikvah renovation in Berkeley California. (Read more about the Berkeley renovation here.) A number of families began to keep taharah as a direct result of the renovation. This gave me a tremendous sense of fulfillment – I was really exhilarated to have been part of this.

So here is my idea. Mikvah and taharas hamishpocha is a woman's special mitzvah. But many of us feel excluded from this mitzvah because we don't personally use the mikvah. My thought was to create a movement where women of all situations in life join together in building mikvaos for communities that need them. By doing so we will bring many families to taharah and earn ourselves a portion of this precious mitzvah. I've spoken with many incredible people about this project (including Rabbi Elya Brudny, Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller and Rabbi Dovid Cohen) and they've all been wildly enthusiastic about it. The underlying theme is that taharas hamishpocha can be brought within reach of everyone – this mitzvah is here for each of us.

My partner for this project is Mikvah USA, an organization who has helped an amazing fifty one communities build mikvaos resulting in thousands of families keep taharas hamishpocha.

So please do join me. Visit the links and see what Rabbi Wallerstein and Rebbetzin Heller have to say about it. Check out the particular mikvah project that needs our help to complete. Forward this link to anyone that might have an interest. And then join me by going to the Donate page and building a mikvah with me. It's a GREAT feeling, you will love it.

Miriam Turk